Raised Steel Expanded Metal Mesh Grill

Short Description:

Fabrications of Expanded Metal Sheet
A.Raised expanded metal
B.Flattened expanded metal
C.Micro hole expanded metal

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material of expanded metal
A.Low carbon steel(black steel)
B.Galvanized steel
C.Stainless steel

Applications of expanded metal sheet

A.Expanded metal security fence/grating
B.Expanded metal isolation fence/balcony fence
C.Expanded metal bridge/walkway/stair treads
D.Expanded metal ceiling
E.Expanded metal facade/cladding
F.Expanded metal window&door mesh
G.Expanded metal DVA mesh(one way vision)
H.Expanded metal furniture
I.Expanded metal office supplies
J.Interior decoration/interior wall
K.Expanded metal chimney cap
L.Expanded metal filter element
M.Micro expanded metal filter mesh
N.Expanded metal car and speaker grilles
O.Expanded metal BBQ grill mesh
P.Expanded metal plaster mesh
Q.expanded metal brick mesh
R.Expanded metal corner bead
S.Expanded metal corn cage
T.Expanded metal trash can
U.Dehydrator&drying Rack

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