Galvanized or Stainless Steel or Aluminium Perforated Metal Mesh Plate

Short Description:

Material of perforated metal
A.Low carbon steel
B.Galvanized steel
C.Stainless steel

Product Detail

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Ventilation, light and air penetration and anti-sand property.
High strength and security.
Perfect anti-corrosion property and rust resistance.
Various choices in opening sizes/areas, gauges and materials, hole shapes/patterns.
Wide application for architectural and decorative aspects.
Aesthetic appearance.
Low maintenance.
Easy installation.

Hole patterns

Round hole, square hole, slotted hole, hexagonal hole and decorative hole.


A.Perforated metal security fence/grating
B.Perforated metal isolation fence/balcony fence
C.Perforated metal bridge/walkway/stair treads
D.Perforated metal ceiling
E.Perforated metal facade/cladding
F.Perforated metal window&door mesh
G.Perforated metal furniture
H.Interior decoration/interior wall
I.Perforated metal filter element
J.Micro Perforated metal filter mesh(Etched Perforated Metal)
K.Perforated metal car and speaker grilles
L.Perforated metal BBQ grill mesh
M.Wind dust fence
N.Anti-slipped perforated metal
O.Perforated Metal Sunshade

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