Metal Coil Drapery – A New Curtain with Fine Shape

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Metal coil drapery is a type of decorative mesh wire made from stainless steel or aluminum wires. When used as decoration, metal coil drapery looks like a whole piece, which differs from the strip-type chain link curtain. Due to the luxurious and practical features, metal coil drapery has been chosen as today’s decoration style by much more designers. Metal coil drapery has many application such as window treatment, architectural drapery, shower curtain, space divider, ceilings. It is applied broadly in exhibition halls, living rooms, restaurants, hotels, bathroom. Followings are the details of metal coil drapery. In addition, the cost performance of metal coil drapery is more suitable than scale mesh curtain and chainmail curtain.

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Metal coil curtain is also called metal coil drapery. Generally, it is made from stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, copper wire or other materials. It is a new kind of high end metal curtain like chain link curtain and chain mail curtain that used to decorative office buildings, hotels, shopping center, concert halls and other places.

Compared with traditional curtain, metal coil drapery has excellent fireproof property, ventilation and light transmission, thus it has longer service life. Furthermore, its various spray coated colors not only fit for different design styles of buildings but also meet different demands of our customers. Due to it has so many functions, metal coil curtain is an ideal material for indoor decorations, sun shades, exterior wall ceilings, security gates and so on.


Material: stainless steel, iron wire, copper, aluminum alloy, etc.
Wire diameter: 0.5 mm - 2 mm.
Aperture size: 3 mm-20 mm.
Open area: 40% - 85%.
Weight: 4.2 kg/m2 - 6 kg/m2 (depending on shape and material chosen).
Surface treatment: pickling, anodic oxidation, baking varnish.
Colors: silver, brass yellow, ultra black, Chinese red, purple, bronze, pearl gray, etc.

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Appearance effect:
The winding wire adds fullness, the woven coil adds fluency and the corrugated curtain adds mystery. Aside from these, metal coil drapery also owns the various colors and sizes. Gathered, metal coil drapery gives people an effective impression. You need only to slide the tabs onto the rod. as a result of its particularly free-flowing effect, supple and sensual drape to make it hang just right.
Corrosion resistance.
High strength.
No rusting.
Fire prevention.
Ventilation and light transmission.


Metal coil drapery has a great many functions, such as:
Wall decoration.
Shower curtain.
Space divider.
Natural blast protection.
Lamp shade.
Door curtain.
Fireplace screen.
Building facade.
Sound insulation.
Security gate.

In view of such functions, metal coil drapery can be applied in many places, such as:
Exhibition hall.
Concert malls.
Building elevation.
Office building.

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