Rubber Conveyor Belt

  • Heavy Duty Fabric Conveyor Belts

    Heavy Duty Fabric Conveyor Belts

    > The universal fabric conveyor belts are made of EP, NN or Cotton fabric and finished through the processes of calendaring, firming and vulcanizing, etc. > It is suitable to convey in normal temperature non-corrosive pointless lumps, granules or powders such as coal, coke, sand and cement in bulk or packaged. > Belts with cover grade are in accordance to International standards such as DIN 22102, RMA, AS 1332, SABS 1173/2000, IS 1891, BS 490, JIS K 6322, etc. Standards Cover ...
  • Nylon (NN) Conveyor Belt

    Nylon (NN) Conveyor Belt

    >The nylon canvas is woven by nylon fabric both in warp and in weft > It is the most widely used fabric in rubber industry, and its outstanding merits are its high abrasion resistance, great tensile strength and good fatigue resistance. > Conveyor belt with nylon canvas inside has the characteristics of thin belt body, high tensile strength,good shock resistance and trough ability, high adhesion between plies, splendid flexibility and long working life. > Nylon conveyor belts are ...
  • Polyester (EP) Conveyor Belt

    Polyester (EP) Conveyor Belt

    > Polyester conveyor belt, also called EP or PN conveyor belt, whose tension resistant body is canvas, is woven by polyester in warp and polyamide in weft. > The belt has the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good trough ability in weft, good for water resistance and wet strength, suitable for medium, long distance and heavy-load transportation of materials. > Because of high initial modulus of polyester, the belts can choose a relative low safety factor. Carcass F...
  • Cotton (CC) Conveyor Belt

    Cotton (CC) Conveyor Belt

    > Cotton canvas is woven by cotton fibers both in warp and in weft. Its elongation is relatively low, and it is good in mechanical fastening and bonding with rubber. > Cotton conveyor belt has relatively small deformation under high temperature condition, suitable for short-distance and lighMoad transportation of materials > Polyester cotton conveyor belt is the upgraded product of cotton conveyor belt, and its tension resistant body is woven by polyester cotton fibers in warp and co...
  • Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

    > Oil resistant belt carries parts and components coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants, soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials. These materials contain non-polar organic solvent and fuel. > The belt, compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber, has good resistance to the damaging effects encountered when conveying oil contaminated or treated materials. > Oil resistant conveyor belt can be divided into two t...
  • Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Suitable for conveying hot materials such as powder or clump materials at high temperature. > Ideal for conveying sintered ores, cokes, soda ash, chemical fertilizer, slag and foundry. > It can resist high temperature. > The rubber compound used in the cover has been designed to avoid premature aging due to contact with any source of heat. > Heat resistant conveyor belt can be divided into three types according to working temperature range:HRT-1 <100°C, HRT-2<125°C, HRT-3<...
  • Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

    >The rubber cover, which is made from chemical resistant materials, has fine anti-chemical corrosiveness and good physical property. > It is specially made to handle materials which would dissolve, expand or corrode the belt. > It is suitable for conveying materials with chemical corrosiveness in chemical factories, chemical fertilizer factories, paper mills, mining industry, etc.
  • High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

    High Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Application: Suitable for conveying heavy duty, high abrasion and massive density materials in a critical industrial environment. Characteristics: Superior physical properties of the cover rubber Anti-impact and avulsion resistant High adhesion, small elongation Ozone/ ultraviolet radiation and corrosion resistant Type High abrasion resistant Longitudinal full thickness tensile strength (KN/m) 800-3500 Longitudinal elongation <=1.2% Rubber thickness (mm) top 6~10 bottom 1.5...
  • Flame Resistant Belt

    Flame Resistant Belt

    The product is made of cotton canvas, nylon canvas or EP canvas and finished through the process of calendaring, assembling, vulcanizing and so on, suitable for conveying materials that require flame resistant and static conductive belts in power, chemical, metallurgical and grain processing industries under the condition of flammable or explosive environment. Cover rubber property: Tensile Strength / MPA Elongation at break / % Abrasion / mm3 >18 >450 <200 &...
  • Chevron Conveyor Belt

    Chevron Conveyor Belt

    Application: Chevron conveyor belt is suitable for conveying loose, bulky or bagged materials on inclined surface at angles of less than 40 degrees. Fetures: Anti-slip; Cleats and top cover rubber are vulcanized integrally; Cleat pattern, angle and pitch are designed elaborately. Type of material Material example Max. angle of inclination Height of cleats H(mm):16 H(mm):25 H(mm):32 Powdery Flour, etc. 25° 25° 28° 30° Loose flowing Corn, barley, wheat, rye, etc. 20/25。 20/25°...
  • Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    Sidewall Conveyor Belt

    Sidewall conveyor belt can be used for horizontal, sloping or vertical conveyance and it is one of the most effective ways of elevating materials in a confined space. The economic goal can be achieved by single belt operation and wide range materials can be handled in cases of limited space and strict requirements of no transfer point, low maintenance and big capacity. Sidewall Conveyor belt has been designed with two corrugated sidewalls and cleats molded to cross-rigid base belt which can c...
  • Elevator conveyor belt

    Elevator conveyor belt

    The belt is made of either anti-tearing EP canvas or steel cord as center materials with anti-tearing rubber cover, which is good at improving capability and running steadily with low maintenance. It has little land coverage with no pollution and great conveying capacity, suitable for conveying bulk materials. Structure: Rubber belt & elevator buckets. Application: Vertical transportation of loose powdery material is widely used in building, mining, graining, power station, chemical, elec...
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