Wedge Wire Screens,also called Johnson screen, sieve bend screen

Wedge Wire Screens,also called Johnson screen, sieve bend screen,it is made by welding V-shaped wires on the support rods to form a metal filter product with high mechanical strength and non-clogging features. The distance between the v-shaped wire is controlled accurately, as it forms a slot that enlarges inwardly, thus creating a large open area and clog-resistant surface.They are widely used in new energy, medicine, petrochemical, food, nuclear power and other fields etc.

Wedge wire screens design flexibility
The wedge wire screens can be customized in various shapes,
such as:
–Flat panels,
–Tubes / cylinders
–Conical/ basket

Product Structure:
Surface profile: The v-shaped profile helps reduce the risk of screen plugging associated with particles becoming lodged between wires, while providing self-cleaning action and increasing back washing efficiency.
Support profile: The support profile of wedge wire screen can be triangle wires, flat bars and wedge wires to provide strong support for the wedge wire screen.


Post time: Sep-06-2023