Surface treatment of frame fence

Frame fence, also known as “frame type anti-climbing welded wire mesh”, is a very flexible product that is widely used in roads, railways, highways, municipal roads, factory fences, workshop barriers, etc.; it can be made into a mesh. The wall can also be used as a temporary barrier net, which can be completed by using different column fixing methods. Our factory has structural fence nets in stock all year round, which can be sent to all parts of the country at any time.

Structural fence product standard:
1. Wire diameter: 3.5mm-6mm
2. Mesh hole: 75mmX150mm
3. Column: 48mmX (1.5mm-3mm)
4. Frame: 15mmX20mmX1.0mm 20mmX30mmX1.35mm
4. Raw material: low carbon steel wire
5. Surface treatment: galvanized, dipped, sprayed, etc..

Structural fence product features: beautiful, durable, non-deformable, and convenient to install. It is an ideal protective mesh fence and is now widely used in various industries. Standard dimensions can be customized according to user needs! Peach-shaped column fence is a new type of product, which is mainly popular in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, South Korea and other large cities in China.
High-quality processing technology: The surface of galvanized steel is sprayed with high adhesion.
Safety: Inserting the welded wire mesh into the pre-designed groove at any height of the column is the whole that cannot be disassembled by the fence.
The device is simple: the fast-moving device does not require any accessories and is suitable for various types.

The installation is different from other fence nets, such as wave-type fence nets, sports stadium fence nets, railway fence nets, highway protection nets, etc., all of which are installed first, and then connected to the mesh. The peach-shaped column fence device cannot be installed in this way. If the column is pressed first, the mesh cannot be hooked up.
(1) It is wrong to open the connection groove with iron pliers. This will damage the outer protective layer of the fence net. affect the service life.
(2) It is also wrong to forcibly hang up the net. In this way, the net will deform and loosen.
(3) It is even more impossible to expand the distance. In this way, the mesh surface is loose and it is easy to lose. There is no protective effect. The above is the wrong installation method.
The correct installation method is: first fix the first column, then hook the mesh to the column, and then hook the second column. After connecting, fix the second column. Then hook up the second mesh, and the third post. After tightening the mesh surface, the third column is fixed. And so on, a set of devices is enough.

Post time: Feb-13-2022