Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Elements

Short Description:

The main filter material of filter element mainly adopts two kinds of stainless steel woven wire mesh and stainless steel fiber felt

Product Detail

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The filtration area is large (5-10 times of the ordinary cylindrical filter element) and the filtration accuracy range is wide (l-300um).

Typical application parameters:
1. Working pressure: 30MPa;
2. Operating temperature: 300°C;
3. Pollution carrying capacity :16.9~41mg/cm2

Product connection:

Standard interface (such as 222, 220, 226) quick connection, threaded connection, flange connection, tie rod connection, special custom interface.

Main USES:
1. Filtration of polymer melt in the production of polyester, filament, short filament and thin film;
2. High temperature gas and steam filtration;
3. Filtration of high-temperature liquid and viscous liquid.

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